---- Almost 60% of murder victims are buried within 10 kilometres of where they were last seen, according to research by the Dutch forensic institute NFI.
Of them, almost half are within a five kilometre radius of their last known sighting and one in five is just 20 metres away. This is because relatives or ex-partners who kill often hide the body in the victim’s garden, the NFI said. In gangland killings, bodies are usually taken to a distant location by car and dumped, often in wooded areas. ‘Most people think murder victims are buried as far away as possible but that is usually not the case,’ researcher Lieke Dix said. The research is based on 88 graves found in the Netherlands since 1960 and has been published in police magazine Blauw.
Killers also often place bodies in locations they already know, such as somewhere they played as a child or went for walks, Dix’s research shows. Graves are rarely more than 70 centimetres deep. ----

---- De politie geeft toe nog niet te weten of de kalender zal helpen, 'maar als we er maar één zaak door oplossen is het al geslaagd', zegt een woordvoerder. Hij zegt dat één derde van de coldcase-zaken wordt opgelost door informatie van tips.----